Industrial Services

Eco Waste Services provides its industrial customers with a wide range of service options and associated equipment.

Equipment Sizes

Containers are available in the following sizes:

  • 2 cubic yard (cy) front-end containers
  • 4 cy front-end containers
  • 6 cy front-end containers
  • 8 cy front-end containers
  • 6 cy front end compactors
  • 8 cy front end compactors
  • 30 and 40 cy open-top containers
  • 16 cy to 40 cy compactors and pre-crusher units
  • close-top containers
  • sludge containers

Typical industrial service locations include manufacturing, automotive, and textile plants, hospitals, and warehouses.

Our highly trained drivers, experience managers and office staff provide excellent industrial collection service that is safe, efficient, and environmentally-sound.

Contact Us

Please contact us online or call us at 864-295-2115 to get a free waste audit and equipment and service recommendation specifically for your industrial location.